Auto import all the things 🚀

Back in the days we used to import all those components into every single .vue file — import and registering them over and over again became a tedious task.

Then the awesome Nuxt.js team released @nuxt/components to auto import project and third party library specific components 🚀 No more imports were necessary. No more component registering.

That’s it! Clean projects, clean components, clean webpack chunks.

That’s what I thought at least.

What about Headless CMS’s?

At our digital agency we have a bunch of projects using headless CMS’s — Storyblok as one among them. …


Julian Derungs

Founder & CEO @PrimeSystemsZH | @storyblok Ambassador | Crafting Digital Experience Solutions | @nuxt_js @tailwindcss @stormkitio | Assassinating Bugs 🚀

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